How Badly Do You Want It?

Eric Thomas-highly successful motivational speaker- gives one of the best analogies about success.

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The One, The Legendary, Chi-City Man

Felt like I need more people to experience the magic of this man,

The Good Old Days Of Xbox Live-Halo 2

Conversations on Halo 2 were the best. This proof this stands true! I miss the good old days, much simpler

Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest

What else is there to say about a forest that is secret and enchanted and made of broccoli? It sounds terrific.

Funny Dragon Ball Moment

One of the best scenes in Dragon Ball that I will never forget.

DriveTime commercial is gold

Spin off of E40-Yup...this had me rolling lol

Guys, The Hot Crazy Matrix Is Your Answer

Guy explains women in 5 minutes. Listen up fellas.