The Good Old Days Of Xbox Live-Halo 2

Conversations on Halo 2 were the best. This proof this stands true! I miss the good old days, much simpler

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Ice Blue Eyes- What a great pair

His name is Kimber and he is about 3 years old. And I never get tired looking into his eyes.

DriveTime commercial is gold

Spin off of E40-Yup...this had me rolling lol

2017 GSL Season 1 aLive's Killing Blow To Scarlett Game 2

Just when you wonder if Scarlett can hold with roach ravager any longer, aLive comes in strong.

Dog covered in tar rescued

Dog stuck in tar filled drum is saved within days of death.

The Perfect Organism: The AI of Alien: Isolation

A most excellent video, explaining the use of behavior trees as well as macro and micro AI.

2017 GSL Season 1 - TY's Reaper Flies To The Moon

In this match between Stats and TY, TY's reaper gets 3 kills before it gets sent off to the moon!!!