Hilarious GIF From Sc2 olden days!

Dancing, dancing, and more dancing in the GSL.

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  • Sponeman Bizarro
    That guy doesn't look like a genius

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The Good Old Days Of Xbox Live-Halo 2

Conversations on Halo 2 were the best. This proof this stands true! I miss the good old days, much simpler


This song goes down as one of my favorites looking back at my childhood.

Kung Fu Girl Kung Fu Kicks These Three Dudes In Style

Who knows what this guy was so mad about, but little does he know there's a stylish kung fu girl ready to stop all trouble.

Guys, The Hot Crazy Matrix Is Your Answer

Guy explains women in 5 minutes. Listen up fellas.

Summit1G gets shot at in H1Z1, attacker tries to leave in a jeep

Everyone knows that summit does better hiding behind rocks than he does behind trees.

The Perfect Organism: The AI of Alien: Isolation

A most excellent video, explaining the use of behavior trees as well as macro and micro AI.