This Song Is THE Song To Live Life To

Honestly, I don't even know how I feel about this song, but it feels pretty fitting, even as I make this happy post. TAKE ANOTHER BITE.

Copy Short Link

  • Big Thing
    Too funny but surprisingly accurate
  • Artist
    Honestly I was at hesitant at first but this is amazing

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25 Near Dream-Like Ancient Architectures

Stone structures you've never seen that leave your mouth hanging open.

For some reason this is oddly calming

A.$.A.P Rocky - L.$.D- The video itself keeps me watching

A$AP makes some weird videos

I just posted a video with A$AP as soon as that ended, this came on...


This song goes down as one of my favorites looking back at my childhood.

Hot Dog Falvored Water

I am just gonna leave this here. Comment what you think....

Dude gets heel driven into his balls

Cruise ship plays a game and it couldn't have ended better....