Ice Blue Eyes- What a great pair

His name is Kimber and he is about 3 years old. And I never get tired looking into his eyes.

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  • Ricky
    There's something fucky with my tear ducts
  • Grandma Jarookins
    What a beautiful kitten

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Pikachu Vs Venasaur- Clash Of Legends

This makes me think of Poke'mon in a different way. Slavery is not dead in the Poke'mon world!

Phil Ivey Is Mildly Astonished At Tilly's Play with Trips

A part of me thinks that Tilly is actually visiting another planet in her mind for the duration of this play.

A bunch of animals doing animal things

Animals are cool. And they will always be cool.

Kung Fu Girl Kung Fu Kicks These Three Dudes In Style

Who knows what this guy was so mad about, but little does he know there's a stylish kung fu girl ready to stop all trouble.

Guys, The Hot Crazy Matrix Is Your Answer

Guy explains women in 5 minutes. Listen up fellas.

2017 GSL Season 1 - TY's Reaper Flies To The Moon

In this match between Stats and TY, TY's reaper gets 3 kills before it gets sent off to the moon!!!