Watch Live Wind Patterns on Earth With This Insane Free Tool

You can see wind patterns, and even predict ocean and storm patterns using this super nice free tool.

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Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest

What else is there to say about a forest that is secret and enchanted and made of broccoli? It sounds terrific.

The Bhagavad Gita - The Audiobook Recited In English

A man forced into war must decide what to do on the battlefield. "God personified" gives his army to the enemy, and his advice to Arjuna.

25 Near Dream-Like Ancient Architectures

Stone structures you've never seen that leave your mouth hanging open.

Elliott Hulse Provides Insight On How To Succeed

Elliot Hulse is one of my favorite "motivational speaker" ( he is really a strength coach). If you feel down or unmotivated enjoy.


This song goes down as one of my favorites looking back at my childhood.

Hot Dog Falvored Water

I am just gonna leave this here. Comment what you think....