Trap Micros His Heart Out vs. HerO - Game 1 - 2017 GSL Season 1

After warping a dark templar into his opponents base, Trap must fight to hold on versus a proxy robo stalker rush by HerO!

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  • Sponeman Bizarro
    So damn close!

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A$AP makes some weird videos

I just posted a video with A$AP as soon as that ended, this came on...

Dude gets heel driven into his balls

Cruise ship plays a game and it couldn't have ended better....

Guys, The Hot Crazy Matrix Is Your Answer

Guy explains women in 5 minutes. Listen up fellas.

2017 GSL Season 1 aLive's Killing Blow To Scarlett Game 2

Just when you wonder if Scarlett can hold with roach ravager any longer, aLive comes in strong.

Arteezy On Storm Spirit, Slick Moves After Tree Gank In Low Priority

Storm Spirit is waving his spirit fingers at the end of this clip.

The Perfect Organism: The AI of Alien: Isolation

A most excellent video, explaining the use of behavior trees as well as macro and micro AI.